Adobe AcrobatGuide to Adobe AcrobatDocument
BackupCopy Files to Your Backup FolderVideo
Biznet/SharePointViewing and Organizing Document Libraries in BizNetWeb Page
Biznet/SharePointLogging in to BizNet Twice to See an Office FileDocument
Biznet/SharePointRequesting a Collaborative Web space on StudentNetDocument
Biznet/SharePointUsing BizNetDocument
Biznet/SharePointBizNet/Sharepoint: Creating a New Document LibraryVideo
Biznet/SharePointHow to Log In to BizNet for FacultyVideo
Biznet/SharePointAdding Files to a Document LibraryVideo
Biznet/SharePointIntroduction to BizNet for FacultyDocument
Biznet/SharePointAdding a Syllabus to BizNetDocument
Biznet/SharePointSearching BizNetDocument
Biznet/SharePointHow to Upload a Syllabus to BizNetVideo
Biznet/SharePointCreate a Photo RosterVideo
Biznet/SharePointViewing the Pitt Business Rankings CalendarDocument
Biznet/SharePointOpening a BizNet Calendar in Outlook 2007Video
Biznet/SharePointEditing a Document in BizNetVideo
Biznet/SharePointAdding Users to a SharePoint GroupWeb Page
Biznet/SharePointOpening a Document Library in OutlookWeb Page
Biznet/SharePointScanning Business Cards with the IRIS CardreaderDocument
Biznet/SharePointKatz News Network- Posting an AnnouncementDocument
Biznet/SharePointUsing Document Libraries in the New BizNetDocument
Blackboard/CoursewebBlackboard TrainingWeb Page
Blackboard/CoursewebCourse Automation in CoursewebVideo
Classroom TechnologyUsing the Mervis Hall Classroom TechnologyDocument
Classroom TechnologySoftware available in the Mervis Hall Financial Simulation LabFile
Classroom TechnologyReserving a CSSD Computing LabWeb Page
Classroom TechnologyAvailable Classroom TechnologyWeb Page
Classroom TechnologyOptions for Remote InstructionWeb Page
Classroom TechnologyUsing Panopto/My Pitt VideoDocument
Computer and Internet SecurityFree Antivirus for Your Home ComputerDocument
Computer and Internet SecurityKatz IT Security AlertsWeb Page
Connectivity: Guest WirelessCreate a Guest Wireless AccountVideo
Connectivity: Guest WirelessGuest Wireless Site InformationWeb Page
Connectivity: Guest WirelessGuest Wireless Document pdfFile
Connectivity: WiredConnecting to Pitt wired public ports with Mac OS 10.5Web Page
Connectivity: WiredConnecting to the Wired Ports Using Windows 7Web Page
Connectivity: WirelessConnecting to WIRELESS-PITTNETWeb Page
Connectivity: WirelessInstall Pitt's Wireless CertificateWeb Page
EmailUsing My Pitt EmailWeb Page
EmailForwarding EmailWeb Page
EmailAbout University Spam and Virus FilteringWeb Page
EmailPitt Alumni Keep Their Email Accounts Web Page
EquipmentWhat Computer Should I Buy? A FAQ for StudentsWeb Page
FASEntering Information into the Faculty Accomplishment System
KITS InformationKatz Technology TrainingWeb Page
KITS InformationUsing the Katz Online DirectoryVideo
KITS InformationGuide for New FacultyWeb Page
MediasiteIntroduction to the Mediasite ViewerWeb Page
Office 2007: ExcelExcel 2007 Training Courses from MicrosoftWeb Page
Office 2007: ExcelPrinting Options in ExcelVideo
Office 2007: ExcelProtecting an Excel SpreadsheetWeb Page
Office 2007: ExcelAutofill in ExcelVideo
Office 2007: OtherSelf-paced training for Microsoft ProductsWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookMoving the Reading Pane in Outlook 2007Web Page
Office 2007: OutlookCreate Rules to Organize Your EmailVideo
Office 2007: OutlookSetting Up an Out-of-Office MessageVideo
Office 2007: OutlookCreating a Meeting Request in Outlook 2007Video
Office 2007: OutlookAdd a Signature to Your EmailWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookOutlook's Junk E-mail FolderWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookClearing Your Deleted Items FolderWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookCreating a Distribution ListVideo
Office 2007: OutlookCreating an E-mail ArchiveVideo
Office 2007: OutlookOutlook 2007 Training Courses from MicrosoftWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookOutlook Calendar Basics - Quick ReferenceDocument
Office 2007: OutlookOpening a Room Calendar in Outlook 2007Video
Office 2007: OutlookUsing Favorite Folders in OutlookWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookCreating an Appointment from an Email MessageVideo
Office 2007: OutlookAdd Holidays to OutlookWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookConfiguring Desktop AlertsWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookView Your Mailbox SizeWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookViewing Members of a Distribution List in Outlook
Office 2007: OutlookSending a Contact or Distribution ListVideo
Office 2007: OutlookRearranging Email Headers in OutlookWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookCheck a Co-worker's AvailabilityVideo
Office 2007: OutlookChange Your Default Work HoursWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookChanging the Message List Font in OutlookWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookForwarding an Outlook ContactVideo
Office 2007: OutlookForward an E-mail as an AttachmentWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookFinding Large Mail AttachmentsWeb Page
Office 2007: OutlookOpening an additional mailbox in Outlook 2010Web Page
Office 2007: PowerPointEmbed a YouTube Video in PowerpointWeb Page
Office 2007: PowerPointCreating a Show in PowerPointWeb Page
Office 2007: PowerPointAdding Video to PowerPoint PresentationsVideo
Office 2007: PowerPointPowerpoint 2007 Training Courses from MicrosoftWeb Page
Office 2007: PowerPointEmbedding Sounds in PowerPointDocument
Office 2007: PowerPointAdding PDF Files to PowerPoint PresentationsVideo
Office 2007: WordRemove Paragraph Marks from Word 2007Web Page
Office 2007: WordCreate a PDF File Using Word 2007Video
Office 2007: WordAdding Section Breaks in Word 2007Video
Office 2007: WordWord 2007 Training Courses from MicrosoftWeb Page
Office 2007: WordChanging Defaults in Word 2007Video
Office 2007: WordUsing Mail Merge in WordDocument
Office 2007: WordShowing Missing Margins in WordWeb Page
Office 2007: WordUsing Address Blocks in Word 2007Video
Office 2007: WordCreate an Automatic Table of ContentsWeb Page
Office 2010: OutlookReserving Conference Rooms in Outlook 2010Web Page
OrientationPhD Orientation HandoutDocument
PittPitt UMC Template Library and ToolboxWeb Page
Pitt Business ProcedurePosting an MBA AnnouncementsDocument
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Katz IT Services

M-Th 8:30-7, F 8:30-5
Phone: 412-648-1601
Location: 317 Mervis Hall
Faculty/staff: create a help ticket via email

 Self-paced training for Microsoft Products
 Blackboard Training
 Connecting to Pitt wired public ports with Mac OS 10.5
 Using My Pitt Email
 Setting Up Public Printers in Mervis Hall
 Viewing and Organizing Document Libraries in BizNet
 Logging in to BizNet Twice to See an Office File
 Requesting a Collaborative Web space on StudentNet
 Using BizNet
 BizNet/Sharepoint: Creating a New Document Library
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