Remove Paragraph Marks from Word 2007
 Create a PDF File Using Word 2007
 Adding Section Breaks in Word 2007
 Word 2007 Training Courses from Microsoft
 Changing Defaults in Word 2007
 Using Mail Merge in Word
 Showing Missing Margins in Word
 Using Address Blocks in Word 2007
 Create an Automatic Table of Contents
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Katz IT Services

M-Th 8:30-7, F 8:30-5
Phone: 412-648-1601
Location: 317 Mervis Hall
Faculty/staff: create a help ticket

 Self-paced training for Microsoft Products
 Blackboard Training
 Connecting to Pitt wired public ports with Mac OS 10.5
 Using My Pitt Email
 Setting Up Public Printers in Mervis Hall
 Viewing and Organizing Document Libraries in BizNet
 Logging in to BizNet Twice to See an Office File
 Requesting a Collaborative Web space on StudentNet
 Using BizNet
 BizNet/Sharepoint: Creating a New Document Library
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