The class schedules and abstracts are helpful resources for you to use throughout your time at Katz.  The class schedule is a list of all core and elective courses that are offered in a given semester.  This list specifies the day a course is offered as well as, time, location, and the faculty member teaching the course.  You will notice that some of the courses are 3.0 credits – these courses span the entire semester, while other courses are 1.5 credits – these span half of the semester – either the first half or second half.   The class abstracts give in-depth descriptions of each course and are helpful for students who are deciding between certain classes.  They also list any pre-requisites that are required for a given class.  When considering what electives to take, you will want to consider what concentration(s) and certificate(s) you are pursuing, as well as your academic and career goals.

Upcoming Schedules and Abstracts

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Current Courses

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