Note:  Career Management information will be available via Blackboard on May 8.  You may access Blackboard through my.pitt.edu.

The Career Management Center provides students with:

  • Career Advice: Career advising resources to put students on the right path based on their strengths & realistic career objectives
  • Experience-based Professional Development: Ensuring that students develop appropriate interpersonal skills, sophistication and business savvy that are critical to their success
  • Employer Engagement: Guiding students to securing a position that FITS with their professional objective & employers’ needs
Career Connection
Your ONE-STOP resource for everything related to your job search and professional development.  Apply for jobs, practice interviews, conduct company research, register for events, and MORE through this portal!
Whether you are a student, alumni, hiring manager, or recruiter, you will find everything you need to engage with Career Management on Hire @ Katz.  Learn about the process through which students work with their individual career advisor, identify the various ways in which employers can brand themselves on campus, and find out more about how alumni can give back to the Katz community!  View student profiles and learn more about the business professionals that represent that Katz Graduate School of Business!