This three-credit MBA course features lectures on a specific country, a research project, and a one-week trip abroad during Spring Break to culminate the research. 2018 desinations and course themes coming soon.
Study Abroad
The Katz Graduate School of Business has partnerships with various international programs that enable eligible students to study abroad as part of their MBA experience.  Students interested in study abroad opportunities should contact their academic advisor for more information.  Participating schools include the European Business School (Germany) and Kedge Business School (France).
  • European Business School (Germany) Katz students can study at the European Business School for a 3 week summer program in May or June or for an entire semester.  Classes are offered in English.
  • Kedge Business School (France) Katz students can study at Euromed Management for an entire semester.  Classes are offered in English.
Global Business Project
This international management consulting project, available through the International Business Center, enables students to serve on teams with students from other universities and complete projects in Brazil, China, India, and Thailand, among other countries.
This MBA certificate takes 10.5 credits to complete. Courses include core business units in the international context and an international experience-based learning component.
Foreign Language Training
The International Business Center (IBC) offers foreign language instruction to any small group of at least five (5) MBA students. We can offer Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, or any other language of interest. The course is worth 1.5 credits, which can be applied to your total requirements for the MBA (maximum of three language credits total). Classes are offered for three hours per week over the entire semester. If you would like to study a language, find four (4) other classmates who would like to take the same language for credit at approximately the same level. Please then promptly contact the Associate Director of the IBC, Jacqueline Saslawski, at jsaslawski@katz.pitt.edu, 412-648-1559, 382 Mervis Hall.