Independent Study Project: An Overview 
An independent study course can take many forms (e.g., a course along the lines of a “traditional” elective with similar requirements; a supervised readings course focusing on a specific area; or an experience-based learning opportunity in the form of a hands-on project for a client). The faculty member sponsoring/supervising the proposed project must ensure that that the independent study coursework is 1.) furthering the education and developing the skill set of the student at a level that is commensurate with the credits being awarded and 2.) consistent with the objectives of the MBA program.
Independent study courses are typically worth 1.5 credits. Although projects can be worth more (e.g., 3 credits), the sponsoring/supervising faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the credits are justified by the work load.  As a general rule, MBA students are permitted to enroll into a maximum of 6 credits of independent study coursework in any one term.  A maximum of 12 credits of approved independent study coursework may be applied toward one's MBA degree.

If you are interested in pursuing an independent study, please download the Independent Study proposal form below and submit all required documents to your academic advisor once they have been completed.

Independent Study Form