Although students typically register for courses via the PeopleSoft Student Center, completing an enrollment form may be necessary at certain times throughout the academic year.  For example, in order to make adjustments to one's Fall 2 or Spring 2 schedule, a completed add-drop enrollment form (with the student's signature) may be required.  The academic advisors will note via email when this form is necessary to make changes to your schedule.
Course Audit Request Form
MBA courses may be audited at Katz. In order to successfully complete the course audit, students must adhere to all course requirements that are set by the instructor. PLEASE NOTE: Auditing a course does not exclude students from registering and paying tuition for the course(s) in question. 
Students may opt to pursue one or more Katz certificates throughout their matriculation.  Using this form, please denote the certificate(s) of interest to you and submit the completed document to your academic advisor. 
Graduation Application

KATZ Certificate Graduation Form
Students should submit this form during their final semester in the program to their academic advisor if they intend to complete all requirements to earn a KATZ Certificate. 

See 'Independent Study' section.
Students may transfer a finite number of graduate-level credits from other AASCSB-accredited institutions toward the Katz MBA. PLEASE NOTE: Transfer credits must be pre-approved for transfer by Katz faculty. Also, all transfer credits are subject to the guidelines imposed by the statute of limitations. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions about the transfer credit process.
Federal Student Aid FAFSA Form